Removing Adware for Good

Getting rid of stubborn spyware and adware from your computer can be very annoying. But, if you are able to follow few easy steps, then preventing procedure will be more effective and easy.  If your computer is totally infected and hijacked by various malicious programs and adware then you need some powerful tool, you need to download necessary tools to clean your computer.  If you have no access to download, then get a cd.  If you are using USB drive to download, then make sure that you stop autorun option.

1. Disconnect Internet

Close all applications and browser windows including email, and then disconnect internet connection from your computer. You can also remove the internet connection by unplugging it from your modem; you can also as well remove the phone line.

2. Follow Traditional Uninstall

Try to follow traditional uninstall. Various applications that are labeled as spyware and adware contain completely performing uninstallers that will certainly remove the activity or program cleanly. Before going further, start with easiest way and look at the ADD/Remove list of programs in Control panel. If you find invaded program in the list, then highlight the unwanted program and click on Remove button.   After removing the spyware or adware through Computer Panel program, close all programs and restart the computer.

3. Scan the Computer

After you disconnected the internet, and removed spyware or adware through ADD/Remove Programs from Control Panel and restarted the computer, then the next step is Scan the Computer.  Run full-system scan via modern antivirus-scanner.  If the antivirus permits, then scan the computer in Safe Mode. If you don’t have antivirus scanner, then you can as well download free antivirus scanners.  Once the process is done now allow the scanner to quarantine, delete and clean.

4. Get apparent Access to the Problem

Scanning the computer in safe mode is better option; it may not prevent you from malware.  After following all instructions in removing adware or spyware, if the problem still persists, then get a right of way to the drive not permitting the spyware or adware to load.  You can as well use a software program that helps you prevent and stop adware.  This software helps you detect the malicious program and helps you remove it completely from your computer and also helps you prevent and protect from adware or spyware.

5.  Preventing Spyware and Adware

To avoid such annoying spyware and adware infection in future, you have to be more careful and attentive when you download any free software in your computer.  If you observe any kind of unwanted programs, then make sure that you stop them immediately before it get installed in your computer.  Make sure that your browser security is working perfectly. Keep your computer completely protected and prevent adware and spyware or any other malicious programs invading your computer without your permission.